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Image films will always generate high added value on your website, exhibition stand, at your events oder in your office space. Thanks to fast Internet access in private households brands are able to arouse interest for their products with short videos which spread over the internet, especially on the company website, in social media, at trade faires or corporate events. Use this method to gain more loyal costumers by convincing them of your products.

Was sind ihre Ziele?

When booking via KutterKind your get an unbeatable combined offer for filming, cutting, light and sound adjusting as well as directing. Yet you must know that I will not bring expensive drone machinery, a camera cran for extra stable pictures or unaffordable spotlighting equipment – simply because I can’t afford it. For these enquiries please contact the talented and skilled personnel of local production studios.

For an additional charge I will forward your (multilingual) texts to professional speakers, who will put the finishing touches to your new corporate image film. In the end you will receive the final movie in a condensed format for your website. These high-resolution films should be playable on current computer and mobile systems without any problems.

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