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    Hello, my name is Frederieke Krippeit. I studied business administration with the focus on Marketing. Today I work as a Marketing Manager and consultant, photographer and filmmaker. I love to travel and to work creatively as a digital nomad worldwide. I am passionate about the sea, lukewarm summer nights, wind in my hair, faraway adventures and capturing the beauty of the world. Turn on some relaxed indie - music and the day is perfect 🙂

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So, how is it possible, working worldwide, without an office, several employees and a fixed telephone? Nowadays, thanks to economic globalization and the remarkable developments of the internet over the past years, I can easily keep in touch with my clients via Skype and Viber, Dropbox and Google Drive, or classy via Mail, irrespective of whether or not I am in your city/country atm.

While I was working for a big Mobile Company as a Marketing Manager I experienced the Smartphone-Revolution vividly and the boom of internet fares both for mobile and laptops. I myself am and was permanently online since then whilst traveling the australian coast, exploring ancient asien temples, living abroad and immersing myself deeply in foreign cultures. The desire to work from everywhere in the world, combining the mobile flexibility with my passion for creativity, remained ever since…

Two years after my big roadtrip through Australia and Southeast Asia, after working at a global radio station and traveling through South-Eastern Europe and Northern Africa on my own, I decided to give it a try and founded KutterKind, my definition of my global creativity.

When I decided to get started as a designer and photographer operating worldwide I thought about several possible names that reflect my personality and my orgin.The term Kutterkind is a word combined out of two german words. “Kutter” means cutter, a small boat, while “Kind” is translated as Child. I grew up between two seas in Northern Germany, so the oceans have a high value in my life ever since. The anchor of the logo enhances this connection even more.

If you ask yourself wether I am your perfect fit for the creative tasks of your company, check the following criteria:

– You founded a company or are planning to do so. In order to get the appropriate Logo, a initial stock of advertising materials and modern business cards, as well as a reliable Marketing strategy which will respond to the goals and visions which you have defined for yourself and your assets, on a long-term and sustainable basis.
– Your Logo already exists for years or decades merely on paper but you need it as an unlimited scalable digital file.
– Your created a new belief and messaging system for your company to drive internal culture and external perception and behavior, changed it repeatedly over time, and so have the requirements for the external perceptions. Show it with a new Logo, smooth business cards und attractive advertising materials.
– You want to give your website a new and modern look.
– You want to offer your clients on your website, your social media channels, at your exhibition stand or in your office a comprehensible and attractive Image film.

Of course, I also offer my services and passion for design, photography and film to private clients.

– You are planning to get married and are looking for a sensitive and yet persistent company at your wedding, let’s say for photos, a video or for creating lovely wedding invitations? Let us capture these precious moments and tell your guests, family and dearest friends, your own love story. I am happy to work with you!
– You are busy applying for your dream job and you want to score with strong application photos, a convincing cover page or maybe even a short movie? I am sure we will create something memorable!
– You are creative, are a Singer/Songwriter, DJ, Model or a Photographer yourself? Tell me your story and let everyone be part of your success story!
– You would love to surprise your family, your best friend or the love of your life with beautiful photos? Take me with you to your favorite place in your hometown, let us spend quality time together, while I capture beautiful everyday life-pictures für your photo-frames.

I am happy to work with you! Feel free to contact me right away 🙂

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